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Traveler’s Checklist  -  “ We visualize your needs ”

Wardrobe : Pant, Shirt, Suit, Safari, Tie, Belt, Towel, Napkin, Kerchief, Under Garments, Shorts, Lungi, Baniyan, Churidhar, Saree, Blouse, Night Suit, Jogging Kit, Swimming Costume.


Foot - care : Sandal, Slippers, Shoes, Socks, and Shoe Polish with Brush.


Health - care : Tooth Paste, Tooth Brush, Shaving Cream, Razor, spare blades, After Shave, Comb, Face Powder, Perfume, Bath / Washing Soap, Oil, Shampoo, Bindi, Hair Dye, Make Up Kit, Rope For Drying Cloths.


Miscellaneous :  Pen, Mirror, Scissors, Knife, Nail Cutter, Cloth string, Needle, Thread, Match Box, Torch, Safety Pins, Buttons, Clips, Lock & Chain For Suitcase, Suitcase Keys, Air Pillow, Bed Sheet, Camera With Cells, spare Film Roll & charger, Handicam With spare Cassette / DVD & charger, Walkman Or Transistor With Earphone & Cells, Mobile & Charger, Spare Mobile Prepaid Card, Plastic Carry Bags, Mosquito Coils, Candles, this Traveler’s checklist. 


Important : House Keys, Money Purse / wallet, Driving License, First Aid Kit, Medicines ( keep at least 2 day’s quota in handbag ), Medi-claim TPA ID cards,  Cheque Book, Tickets, Address Book, Telephone Diary, Visiting Cards, Credit Cards, Watch, Books, 40+ Spectacle & spare distant spectacle, Goggles With Case, Stationery, Stamp, Gifts, Prayer Books, Office Files, Identity Card, Presentation  CD’s,  Pen drive, Business Data, List Of Places You Want To Visit With Travel Plan & City Map, Club / Timeshare ID cards.


Top Up for Family :  Flask, Bag, Bedding, Eatables, Fruits, Biscuits, Plates, Glasses, Water Jug, Spoons, Milk Powder, bournwhita / tonics, Playing Cards, Paper Napkins, Hot water kettle, tea coffee premix, Magazines.  Inform Milk & Newspaper Supplier your tour schedule.


Top Up for own vehicle : Check Petrol / Air Pressure including stepnee, Car Manuel, Duplicate Bike / Car Keys, Plastic water suction pump and empty water bottle ( if required to transfer petrol from other vehicle ), Foot pump for checking tyre Air pressure, List of Service Stations With 24 - Hour Road Help - Line Number, Audio / Mp3 CD ‘S, VCD’s, DVD’s.


Top Up for cold weather : Shawl, Pullover / Sweater, Jerkin, raincoat, Wind-shelter, Special dress, hand gloves & shoes for ICE walk


Top up for Temple : Prasad, Panchang ( Almanac ), specific cloths ( for specific entry dress code), tel no’s of temple Public Relation Officer ( for VIP entry passes)  


Before you lock the house : Switch off the main electricity switch, water taps & Gas cylinder. Stick Chit for Milk-man & Newspaper Supplier Outside the Main-Door.


When you start the return Journey, recheck all your items with this checklist.


You must have
Adequate Life Insurance for a Special Journey called Life.

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