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Take Time ...
1 Take time to work It is the price of success.
2 Take time to think… It is the source of power.
3 Take time to play … It is the secret of perpetual youth.
4 Take time to read … It is the fountain of wisdom.
5 Take time to be friendly … It is the road to happiness.
6 Take time to dream… It is hitching your wagon to a star.
7 Take time to love and to be loved …        It is the one sacrament of life.
8 Take time to look around…     It is too short a day to be selfish.
9 Take time to laugh… It is the music of the soul.
10 Take time to plan …   It is the secret of being able to have time for the first 9 things.
11 Take time to plan your future financial goals  Insure the dreams for your loved ones
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