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Office Tel / Fax / Answering Machine 2545 9005 / 06     Mobile  94 225 2 9005  help@vivekgodse.com

P r e m i u m   P a y m e n t   T i p s

1 You can pay premium
  (a) Directly to LIC office ( “Pune LIC branches…" )
  (b)Thru ECS ( Please download ECS form (Click here) or LIC Website
  (c) by sending cheque to us.
2 Inform us by phone, fax, SMS, or email, if premium is paid directly.
3 Our office is open from 10 to 5, Mon to Sat. If you send the cheque beyond office hours, please drop it from the “ Letter ” slit provided at our office door. Our answering machine will record your messages beyond the office hours. Generally your frequently asked questions would be answered immediately on phone or in person. For specific enquiry please speak to Mr. Vivek Godse on his mobile.
4 All LIC branches in India are interlinked. You can pay premium anywhere
  ( LIC Cash Hours Mon to Fri 1 0. 3 0 - 3 . 3 0 Sat 1 0 . 3 0 - 1 . 0 0 )

Addresses of LIC branches in Pune (Click here) - for address of any other branch in India ( Click here)

5 Dial LIC Call center on 2 553 6161 in Pune for policy information, 8 am to 8 pm on all days except Sunday & bank holiday. For call centers in other cities (Click here)
6 Draw separate local cheque, per branch payable to " LIC OF INDIA " crossed " a/c payee " for the premium & late fee ( for overdue premium ). ( even though branches are interlinked we advice separate Cheque for different branches because sometimes other branch linkage may not be available ) Please write your name, policy number, premium mode & due date, behind the premium cheque.

For Outstation cheque, Pl add bank collection charges of Rs. 20/- + 1% ( Rounded off to next Rupee ) of cheque amount,
(If Cheque amount is Rs. 5410/-, add Rs. 75/- ( 20 + 55 )).

8 Outstation cheque Collection charges are not required, if
  (a) If your outstation cheque is “ Payable at par at all branches ” & if your bank has a branch in Pune
  (b) You are paying the premium at the same branch where the policy is serviced.
9 You can send cheque to us through our Reply–paid- envelope. We will confirm receipt.
10 Don't send a blank cheque. Please send / post your cheque well in advance so that it reaches LIC / us in time ( at least a week before the expiry of grace period ), to avoid last minute rush, huge queue, lapsation of your policy & any late fee. You may send a post-dated cheque to us. If specified we will ask you before we pay the cheque.
11 Send postdated cheque to us, for all policy premium from April to March. This will be easy for all of us. If specified we will ask you before we pay the cheque.
12 It is always better to pay Yearly because it saves paperwork and is cheaper. You can convert to yearly, with effect from the policy anniversary. Many clients convert premium of all their policies to yearly & open a 1-year recurring deposit for easy cash flow. When changed to Yearly the new premium will be less than 4 times Qly or 2 times Half Yearly hence send a crossed blank cheque payable to “LIC OF INDIA ” so that we can fill up the exact amount.
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