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How to maintain all the premium receipts of LIC?

tPara">It is extremely important to safely retain all your premium receipts intact. You may be paying your premium on time but there are chances that the insuring companies' ledgers are not entered with your payment details. At times like this, the insuring company may write to the policyholder asking him to produce the premium receipts and vouch for the payments made. If the payments made are very old, then it may be difficult for the policyholder that is you to prove them without the premium receipts.

Needless to say, it is extremely cumbersome to preserve all the premium receipts. So the next best alternative is to periodically get a certificate from your insuring company confirming that all your premium payments are up-to-date. It is easier for you to preserve such certificates instead of individual premium receipts. The certificate can be obtained from the relevant branch office of LIC that services your policy and accepts the payment of premiums.

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