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What should be done on receipt of a court notice from a third party claimant?

tPara"> On receipt of written notices or summons through the Court, the insurance company should be notified in writing submitting a copy of the notice and the copy of the insurance certificate.

NO offer or promise of payment should be made to any party without the written consent of the insurers. The insurance company may refuse liability arising out of such promise made. The insurance company will issue a claim form which has to be filled in and submitted along with the vehicular documents and other documents in relation to the accident like police report.

After verifying the said documents, the insurance companies appoint a lawyer to defend their case as well as that of the insured. The insured should cooperate with the insurance company, if required, for giving evidence during the proceedings of the case in the Court to strengthen the defence available. Finally, the Court Order is satisfied by the insurance company directly.

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